The COVID-19 pandemic was an unprecedented global catastrophe that has taken place through 2020 and 2021. With that came many changes to the way individuals go about their daily lives. For university students like us, the last two years of our academic careers were full of change, fear, and confusion, as well as determination, strength, and transformation. This Capstone Project in its entirety has been planned, worked on, and executed during the pandemic while we have been attending classes remotely. There were many challenges and bumps in the road in the last few semesters, but we had many attributes and factors that made our success possible.

Waking up to balance school and work in the same four walls every day during this pandemic has proved to be a challenge. We both shared feelings of fatigue, sadness, overwhelming stress, and feeling of being stuck in one place. In addition, the lack of being able to physically be on campus meant that we could not meet up to work on our project in person. Despite the difficulty caused by these challenges placed in our path, we pushed through.

We both were very compatible Capstone Project partners with an excellent ability to virtually communicate with one another. We teamed up and tackled each part of our Capstone Project with a hard working attitude and desire to be successful. Utilizing social applications, such as Discord, we communicated very often with how our assigned parts were going, and helped each other work through difficulties. In addition, we occasionally received tutoring from the tutoring center online as well as tutorial videos online.

Overall, we conquered our hardships and completed the Dungeons & Dragons Monster Database Application during the COVID-19 pandemic. Both of us pushed past the challenges that came our way and grew immensely not only as students but as individuals too. This project, and the experience that came with it has allowed us to display the knowledge, talent, and creativity that we have acquired during our university experience, as well as equip us with a new set of skills and a strength that we will take with us into our future careers and other aspects of our lives.