Capstone Presentation

Welcome to our Information Technology Capstone Presentation.

Here you will find a introduction to the project, a summary poster, and a video about the project.


This Capstone Project utilizes a Python Tkinter application that is programmed to go through a database which was created using cPanel and MySQL Workbench, housing over 800 different monsters. The monster information was taken from a Google Sheet and was all put into the database using MySQL code, along with some Python code. The Tkinter application uses CRUD functions (create, read, update, and delete), and presents these CRUD functions in a Graphical User Interface. This interface provides a clean and user-friendly interaction with the database. Rather than the user needing to know how to code in MySQL, they would only need to input in the information they needed and press a button to find information or complete an action.

Video Presentation

The video presentation explaining how the Database works and a demo of how our Graphical User Interface works.

Summary Poster