About Kylie Godinez

Hello! My name is Kylie, and I’ve been an Information Technology major at CSU Channel Islands for 4 years. During my time at this university, I have learned many new technical skills, and have expanded upon my knowledge of technology. My experience at this university has been very fulfilling, both in the classroom and among my peers.

Despite the challenges with COVID-19 that Justine and I went through during this Capstone Project, we had a lot of fun creating this project! This project has opened a lot of doors for me personally. From experimenting with Tkinter, to using MySQL Workbench/phpMyAdmin for databases, I felt that this Capstone project had given us a fantastic opportunity for growth. I hope you enjoy what we have created together!

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About Justine Giorgi

Hi there, I am a fourth year student at California State University, Channel Islands. I will be graduating in May of 2021 with a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology with a minor in Computer Science.

This semester, Kylie and I had the wonderful opportunity to team up and create a Capstone Project together, highlighting our talents, creativity, and abilities that we have been working on throughout our academic careers. I got to challenge myself in this project by coding in Python and its standard GUI library Tkinter for the very first time and was excited by the learning experience that came along with it.

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